"whatever your hands find to do, you must to do with all your heart..." -joan baez

- om shanti -

i am a mom. a wife. a sister and friend. i am a loyal fan of yoga, live music, beautiful food, cities, do-gooders, and the Great Outdoors.

with gratitude, i am a massage therapist and bring to you over ten years of experience living and breathing the work that i love. i continually feel honored to collaborate with and assist people through the simple and transformative power of touch. 

i received the first and second massages of my life on an 11 month post-college backpacking trip.  each experience entirely different and forever memorable. one on the floor of a hut in laos, the other after a hike in new zealand--rising through rain, snow, clouds, finally to reach brilliant blue skies and snow-covered moutain top.  the door to touch therapy had been opened.

and yet... i had no thought i would later find my path and passion in bodywork. returning to the u.s., i had the honor to teach high school english in the mississippi delta through teach for america (where i met my hero husband, jay). post my two year teaching commitment, i wrote grants at a local arts council and dug in the dirt as a gardener. i relished this duality and balance of using my brain and body equally and for good, for change and growth. i imagined myself continuing in this world of non-profit and service-learning.

soon, however, i felt a strong, unexpected, and soulful pull toward the field of healing arts and touch therapy.  it was not a direction i understood nor a direction in which i could foresee my social-justice self going, but i decided to follow.

seeking mountains, ocean, city and sushi--as well as excellence in education-- i enrolled in a rigorous 1000-hour massage therapy program (including cadavar study) at the brian utting school of massage in seattle, washington. upon embarking on this path, it felt immediately and infinitely right. and quickly became my passion.

in 2005, i graduated, became nationally certified, state licensed, and opened my first practice.

what i learned through education and experience, my soul somehow already knew--compassionate touch is a powerful agent for healing, for self-awareness and for change. it can be spirit lifting and joy-producing. it can create calm and remind the body it can live in a happier, more ease-filled state. it is a great aid in helping us tune in to our best, brightest self. 

i have held private practices both in seattle, wa and in madison, wisonsin--where i traded my hiking books for cycling (and snow shovels), became a wife to a phd student, a mama, and had the honor to serve as a birth doula and a member of the madison doula collective.  

now a happy resident of atlanta, my studio dwells in the heart of our beloved candler park neighborhood--part of the radial cafe building and blocks from marta, mary lin, and our home. so happy to be here! 

the layers i have discovered and am discovering still are profound, the possibilities of this work continue to unfold and astound me. i am a student. i love to learn. about people. cultures. food. as it turns out, i am also a keen student of anatomy and physiology, endocrinology. the facial system, the nervous system. how to hold sacred space for and relieve our trauma, our pain, and how to connect to our true essences. i seek to better understand nutrition and emotion and the gut. the messages our mind sends to the rest of our being and the rest of our being sends to our mind. wow, how i love love love my work!!! 

my practice and my understanding of the body and mind continually deepen and are inspired through intensive hands-on course work, as well as by regularly engaging in my own bodywork with a multitude of therapists, through the practice of yoga, and--of course--in working with each of you!  2015-2016 studies have included: manual therapy techniques for trigger point therapy, upledger's cranial sacral therapy, john barne's myofascial release courses, and southeast yoga conference and retreats. namaste, y'all!

fall 2016 studies include: advanced myofascial and cranial courses as well as a visceral manipulation--a therapy that delves deeper into our core, our belly systems and restrictions, gut health and our "second brain." stay tuned!