feel the difference...you are worth it! 

(Most) Sessions are 90 minutes or 2 hours in length.

thank you for honoring yourself with dedicated time to your health and well-being. i am mindful of your commitment and optimize your treatment results through 90 minute or two hour sessions.  let the sinking in, turning off, softening, unwinding, space-making, resetting begin! your body and mind will thank you :)

Gift certificates in any amount are available.


Sunday-Thursday (in office).

Please see online booking for available appointment times or contact me via text or email.


60 minute child/infant: $75 (if needed, please ask me about pediatric price reduction)

75 minute pre-natal office visit:  $90

90 minute office visit:  $105

two hour office visit: $125


3 x 75 minute pre-natal: $255 ($85/session)

3 x 90minute: $285 ($95/session)

3 x 120 minute: $345 ($115/session)

6 x 75 minute:  $480 ($80/session)

6 x 90 minute: $540 ($90/session)

6 x 120 minute: $660 ($110/session)

Packages may be shared with family and friends but must be purchased up front and are non-refundable. 


90 minute home visit:  $175

two hour home visit:  $200

2 massage combo:  save $40

*additional fee may be added depending on location


please note: i realize the cost of body work can be prohibitive, and yet i greatly believe in its benefits. in my ideal world, massage for all would be the reality.  please see specials for my "pay what you can" policy.


please no gratuity, but love love LOVE referrals!!!