i honor the light in you! with gratitude - kate block, lmt

My friend's husband referred me to Kate for prenatal massage. I started at 36 weeks and was experiencing a lot of hip, pelvic and IT band pain. Kate spend a good amount of time up front learning about my history with body work and body pain and that discussion paid off immediately. She was able to target the exact problem areas, and used a gentle approach to help realign my hips and pelvis. Our first session was so powerful and effective that when I left, I felt like I had just learned how to walk! I have returned to Kate for three more sessions and each have been just as powerful. She knows a variety of techniques and uses a combination of information from me and her intuition to target the exact issues that need to be addressed. She even discovered some parts of my back and jaw that needed work to help the rest of my body relax. I will definitely return to work with Kate after labor, and I believe she has helped this final trimester go by much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. I can't thank her or recommend her highly enough!! -Shannon Y.