greetings, shalom, namaste!

my mission is to work in partnership with you, providing exceptional, highly skilled, compassionate care that supports and inspires YOU through your journey to become your happiest, healthiest self.  in every session, i promise to be fully present. to listen openly.  to be guided by and work in unison with the deep wisdom shared through your mind, body, and spirit.

i view mindful, knowledgeable bodywork as an instrument of holistic self-health care, rather than as pampering or luxury. research continues to support this. my approach is grounded in the study of soft tissue work (trigger point/neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and deep tissue methods), anatomy, physiology, nutrition, yoga, and cranial sacral therapy. i also hold certification in pregnancy massage and adore working with mamas, creating calming neuro-pathways for mom and babe. 

i am passionate about the healing powers of touch and the body's wisdom to engage with and create change through that touch. in addition to pain relief, clients tell me they experience sustained quieting of the mind, new levels of self-awareness, renewed feelings of energy and power, increased flow, connection, and grounding. amazing!